Digital Marketing Coach

Functions of a Digital Marketing Coach

A digital marketing coach primarily acts as a teacher. The coach will meet with you and discuss your business and staff needs and future goals. From there, the digital marketing coach will help you develop a marketing strategy tailored to your business. They will coach your marketing team, you or your managers in the areas of the business discussed. The digital marketing coach will work with you and your team until you are confident to do your marketing without coaching. The coach will then leave you to your business, but come back in the future if needed.

Functions of a Digital Marketing Consultant/Specialist

A marketing consultant works with you to devise a marketing plan for your business, the digital consultant does the majority of the work themselves. A consultant will often stay with your business for a long period of time, and will execute most of the digital marketing work themselves as part of your team or working alone. For example, a consultant may purchase ad space for your business or execute campaigns. You can provide input during meetings, but the consultant will do most of the work/marketing and campaigning.

Deciding Who to Choose

A digital marketing coach is an ideal choice if you need guidance to understand different digital marketing aspects of the business. You may only need them to coach for a few days or more depending on staff and the digital information you require.

A digital marketing consultant/specialist does most of the actual work and will work with you long term part time or full time ongoing as a contractor or employee. In house and remote.

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