Website Content Updating


Keeping Your Website Fresh is KEY.

Online presence for any business is now a necessity not an extra. Developing the right CONTENT for your website is extremely important.

Websites should never be stagnant (created and left without updating or adding content). An untouched website will not bring in your target audience.

Here are a few reasons to keep your website content fresh:

SEO Benefits

  • Search engines are constantly scanning your site to index pages and images. Once indexed, these pages and images will show up in searches for your target audience if optimised correctly.
  • The more of your web page that get indexed, the more likely a prospective buyer will be able to find your site.
  • In addition to the quality and quantity of possible pages to find, search engines notice when you regularly update and post on your website.
  • If you are consistently generating content, search engines will recognise the changes and see you as a valuable resource to display in a search result.

Providing Value

  • Writing with search engines in mind is important, but don’t lose sight of your actual goal to engage potential customers.
  • Appearing on the first page of a Google search isn’t enough to make an impact on your buyers if the page is outdated, uninteresting or doesn’t provide a the information the visitors was looking for.
  • Writing for real people means your content should be engaging, well-informed, and easily digestible.
  • Updating your website regularly with quality content provides the value customers often require before making a purchase or booking a service.


Your website is the major asset to promote your branding, but adding social media is also a standard channel to promote more awareness and update your followers fast about any new products or services. Never limit your brand keep expanding, the more people see your name and visit your website the better chance you have of building an established and solid business.

  • Remember your online content is available to visitors, 24/7. You need to make a good impression all day everyday.
  • The challenge is to produce valuable, targeted content on a regular basis that drives readership and revenue.
  • To freshen up your content finding a writer outside your usual writers. A freelancer offers expertise, fresh style, and sometimes even an established reader following.
  • Keeping a website updated is something to strive for, but the results are well worth it. Your customers will appreciate the value you provide, and you’ll find higher content production leads to higher engagement.

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