Digital Health Check for Website Optimisation

FULL BUSINESS SEO AUDIT includes your Online Business -Websites, Competitors & Social Media

An audit of your online business is essential for your business and should be done on a regular bases at least once a year to make such all areas of your online business are running smoothly and effectively to keep your business at the top of the searches for all devices. Making sure you have no broken links, duplicate content, bad backlinks, penalties, bad redirects, canonical links, no errors slowing your website speed. Keeping informed about old and new competitors and how well your social media is performing is also key to your business!

Overview of our Professional Full Website/Business Audit

Our digital health check for your online business creates a full analysis of your online business not just your website, but your social media, backlinks and competitors.  All the factors that affect website’s visibility in search engines. Our SEO audit gives you a complete insight into your business website, including where your traffic is coming from and how they engage with your services., through individual pages, articles, backlinks and social media. 

What your Full Business SEO AUDIT Includes: 1-2-3-4-5

1. Technical Audit

We do a technical SEO audit to find any errors in the back-end performance of your Website e.g. duplicate content, broken links, 404 error pages, high property warnings that need correct as soon as possible. We use Google Console to make sure your Website is mobile friendly, including checks for other devices to make sure there are no error. We ALSO DO A SPEED CHECK for your Website to make sure there is no lagging, while elements are downloading.

2. All Content Audit

A full content audit to examine  your website content, pages, blog posts, product pages, images, title tags, meta data, as well as the keywords targeted on each webpage.

3. All Backlinks Audit

A backlink audit reviews your website’s link profile. It looks at the quantity and quality of links pointing to your website, are they good backlinks, are they broken backlink, are they optimised correctly.

4. Competitors Audit

A competitive audit analyses your website, as well as some of your competitors’ websites. The information will be formatted into a SEO report with a comparison chart that highlights your website’s strengths and weaknesses, including your competitors strengths and weaknesses. This detailed analyses gives you insight about your business and your competitors and can show you where problems are and how to improve them, making your website better than your opponents and improving your ranking over theirs. Your website will be compared with your competitors in several ways, including by keywords, organic traffic, and more.

5. Social Media Audit

Our social media SEO audit investigates your presence on social media platforms. We look at how many your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest etc, shares, comments, and likes on your content. This audit also checks your website for social sharing buttons, which can encourage users to share your site. We also take a look at your competitors socials and followers.

A full business SEO AUDIT starts from £200, which is low considering the amount of hours it takes to collect all the information and add it in a report format for your business to understand and follow.

**After doing a full business SEO audit for your online business, we can help you with all the areas that need changes, fixes and updating . We can do all the work as a one off project or as an ongoing MONTHLY RETAINER.** We have Monthly SEO Retainers starting from £200 per month depending on how much work you want completing each month!! The Retainer price can be set higher or lower, as needed on a monthly basis. No Contract Necessary.



On Page Optimisation

We’ll conduct a clinical analysis of your keyword focus and website structure to identify opportunities for improvement. Reporting our findings back to you along with instructions for you or your SEO & web developer to implement, if necessary. Or you can hire one of our specialists to do the work for you, on going or as a one off project.

We’ll can help you focus on specific keywords within the content of individual web pages, and structure those web pages to maximise your site’s visibility. Along with eliminating potentially penalising factors such as duplicate content.

Meta keywords and meta descriptions hold far less weight with the search engines these days but they are nonetheless an important part of this process, with the meta descriptions in particular being hugely influential in driving traffic from the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Site Structure

There are many reasons your website may not be as visible to the search engines as it could be. Quite often poor rankings can be the result of poor site structure.

By optimising your URLs we can lend weight to the relevance of each page and ensure that the overall structure of the site does not have areas of weakness or duplication. Poorly optimised headers could be another area of focus. Image and video optimization is also a much overlooked area. Last but not least are your HTML and XML sitemaps. The first of these will affect the user experience and the second allows the search engines to crawl your site effectively. We’ll make sure both are up to scratch.

Penalty Avoidance

Even well structured websites can incur penalties. A hidden or unknown mistake can often result in a minor onsite penalty and see your site’s rankings drop in the SERPs without an obvious reason.

All your content should be unique and not duplicated anywhere on your site or on the wider web. This is still one of the most common factors resulting in sites being unnecessarily penalised by Google. Another unnecessary loss in authority can result from too many broken links.

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