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Are you ready to get started optimising your Amazon PPC campaigns? Are you looking for the perfect ads manager? Do you want to maximize your returns but don’t know where to begin? Whatever your situation, you’re in the right place. See what we can do for your business, and get your FREE consultation  today.

We’re not just another run-of-the-mill PPC agency; we’re your strategic partner, fully invested in your growth and profitability. We know that you deserve nothing less than exceptional results.

DSP Amazon ads use advanced targeting capabilities based on real-time data and purchase intent. These ads don’t just fill ad space on the Amazon marketplace but on the whole network of Amazon websites. This helps you bring new customers to your marketing funnel while also targeting new and existing audiences within Amazon.

Our agency works with you to help you make sense of all this. By analysing shopper behavior and preferences, our experts target the right audience segments, ensuring your ads are displayed to those most likely to convert. This precision targeting drives higher click-through rates, conversions, and overall campaign success.

Armed with this info, you’re in a great position to see exactly how much money we can put in your pocket, and how working with Digital in House is the key to boosting your business. It all starts with our free consultation. Call us today!

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PPC Amazon Agency: Transparency Guarantee


Transparency is at the core of our values. You’ll have full visibility into your campaign performance, with detailed reports that provide meaningful insights into your ad spend, cost per click, impressions, and conversions.

We know that sometimes running an Amazon PPC campaign can look complicated. In the industry, there’s a whole load of jargon, and whether you’re making a keyword bid, creating a targeting strategy, or attempting a manual campaign, it’s helpful to have an expert on your side.

That’s why we’re always available to lend a helping hand and why we prioritize clarity. When you choose us as your Amazon ads manager, you’ll always have full visibility into the metrics that matter most, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and drive your business forward. We’ll lend our expertise and help you find keywords, create ad groups, and drill into customer search terms—whatever you need to increase your profit margin through sales. Plus, it’s all delivered to you in your regular advertising report, so you can easily drill down into the data and see exactly what we’ve been up to.

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Precise Audience Targeting

Say goodbye to that ‘spray-and-pray’ advertising method that’s eating your ad spend and yielding minimal results. DSP ad formats allow you to reach precise audiences based on real-time data, behavior, and purchase intent. By harnessing advanced targeting options, you can focus on shoppers who are genuinely interested in your products, leading to higher conversion rates and greater ROI.

Amazon-Wide Ad Reach

Unlock access to premium ad placements across Amazon’s vast network of websites, including their own website, Amazon apps, Kindle devices, and Amazon publisher services. With our managed service DSP display and video ads, you’ll extend your reach to a broader audience, amplify brand awareness and drive incremental sales.

Driven Strategies

Leave the guesswork to your competitors. We live and breathe data. Our team of experts analyses every aspect of your campaign to optimise ad placements, bids, and targets continuously across the whole suite of Amazon sites. With our approach, you’ll not only reach your existing audiences but meet new ones and reach them at precisely the right moment. This data-centric approach ensures every part of your ad spend is put to the most effective use.

Reporting and Analytics

Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. From the moment our Amazon DSP advertising campaign begins, we provide you with comprehensive reports and real-time analytics. We know that well-informed decisions are the key to success, and our reports empower you to make data-driven adjustments to create dynamic eCommerce campaigns.

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